Welcome new interns!

Here at the HEY Email Research Lab, we take great pride in pushing the bounds of email technology. We leave no stone unturned or avenue unexplored in pursuit of this lofty goal. Do our experiments have practical applications for HEY? Not usually. But damn it, we're SCIENTISTS. We leave it to the suits upstairs to figure out the rest.

Unfortunately, our budget has been frozen since the late 1970's. To be honest, we're not actually sure the big wigs know our department exists anymore. We put in a request for a new mainframe years ago...

That's why we started the H.E.R.L. intern program. We desperately need your ENTHUSIASTIC ASSISTANCE to help run our experiments.

You'll find the active experiments on the mainframe homepage. Read the instructions carefully, and follow them to the letter. Our protocols are quite strict, and experiments are known to fail if you deviate one iota.

Remember, safety first! Good luck intern. We have full confidence in your skill, aptitude, and willingness to provide free labor.

P.S. if you run into one of the execs please put in a good word for us. We really do need a new computer system. Even a Chromebook would be better than this...